New Orleans Roofer Explains How Hurricanes Impact Your Roof

Living in the southern part of the United States, especially the New Orleans area, the average roof will probably last fewer years because of the extreme subtropical weather conditions in our area during the long summer months. During this season, the heat is intense, with frequent hard rains. Hail and tropical storms frequently visit New Orleans. We are also plagued by tornados several times a year. In any given year, the New Orleans area receives about 70 inches of rain. It rains about 60 days a year, followed by the heat and cold that make it a challenge to keep home repairs up to date. As far as rainfall inches per year, we rank about a third in the nation. Constant weather changes and humidity have a negative effect on the roof as well as paint and windows. The primary concern for homeowners with a bad roof is water damage which is costly and should be addressed without hesitation.

Water damage is just plain nasty. Rotten wood, wet insulation, mold and damaged wallboard and ceilings are costly to have repaired. If you wait, this type of damage will attract termites, and your problems will increase tenfold if not corrected by a professional roofing contractor.

Roof inspections are essential at least once a year. The roofer will get in the attic for an investigation of possible leaks. He will also inspect the shingles and replace or repair any damage to the roof or felt. Most customers just need caulking to solve many problems and prevent potential rotted wood or ceiling leaks. For more information or to schedule a roof inspection, visit

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