Custom Velcro Patches Are A Great Investment!

custom patchesMany people believe the US armed forces have worn military patches on their uniforms since the formation of the military, but in fact, the patch is a relatively new addition to a¬†soldier’s uniform. During the first World War, General John J. Pershing authorized its use on a limited basis. During World War II, ¬†patches on uniforms gained significant popularity. Since that time, patches have been an integral part of military uniforms around the world. The rank of individuals serving in the armed forces can easily be identified. Custom velcro patches easily attach to the uniforms.

Recently patches have become popular with many institutions. Unique designs that represent their affiliations can easily be created. These patches may denote membership information or accomplishments. There are various reasons for using patches which include their affordability. Modern technological advancements have reduced the cost significantly. Another reason is the flexibility of these patches. They can be easily attached to all types of clothing and easily removed. Flex systems will create custom velcro patches to suit your purposes. With their assistance, your design can be easily customized. They have the means to create patches in bulk if needed. For more information, visit their website.