Catalytic Converter Recycling Helps The Environment


Catalytic converter recycling provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to gain extra income. This usually involves salvaging catalytic converters from cars and trucks deemed beyond repair because these converters contain precious metals.

Catalytic converters became a mandate and were installed on all vehicles after 1975 to prevent further environmental pollution. Aside from preventing pollution, these converters consist of rare metals belonging to the platinum group of metals. Platinum is a naturally occurring but a rare earth metal.

Why catalytic converter recycling?

Catalytic converter recycling is a better and cheaper option than mining and refining the platinum ores that are found in the converters. Recycling and reusing these metals is not only less expensive but allows the metal to be reused in new converters. The platinum metals are the responsible component for converting large portions of the exhaust particles into less dangerous substances giving the environment lesser pollution. Platinum, palladium, and rhodium are the major metal components of the catalytic converter.

How is catalytic converter recycling done?

Catalytic converter recycling would initially start with the removal of the autocatalyst from the actual converter. The steel, stainless steel or case is opened revealing the honeycomb biscuits. The scrap auto catalyst converter would then be crushed to powder for further processing. Once separation is complete, the metal materials can be reused for production of new converters. Some components of the metal are also likely to end up as jewelry, especially wedding bands. Rhodium, in particular, is electroplated into white gold and platinum to give it a shiny appearance.The process of recycling the catalytic converter is much safer for the environment than creating new metals. The scrap yard or catalytic converter recyclers would, in fact, be willing to pay you in exchange for a used converter. Likewise, you are protecting the environment by recycling the metals contained in catalytic converters.

Where can I find places that do catalytic converter recycling?

Converter Guy will recycle your scrap catalytic converter in an environmentally friendly manner. In this way, you help in the preservation of our planet by doing your part when it comes to the disposal of the converter.  What’s more is that you earn cash from the sale of your scrap converter so you are helping our environment while you get to have some benefits as well. By practicing catalytic converter recycling, you are doing your share of saving our planet.